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Power Plant Services

Power Plant Service's mission is to provide critical parts and services to companies that power the world. We’re here for you 24/7, 365 days a year! Contact us today to learn how we can utilize our 20 years of power generation experience to serve you!

Company Information
Address 3131 w Soffel Ave.
Melrose Park, IL
60160 USA
Telephone 708-345-8600
Contact Title Eric Pfeiffer, Sales
Contact EMail
Categories Gas Turbines: Gas Turbines
Steam Turbines: Generator Sets - Steam Turbines
Steam Turbines: Steam Turbines - Mechanical
Steam Turbines: Steam Turbines - Mechanical, Marine
Steam Turbines: Steam Turbines - Mechanical, Process
Cogeneration & Combined Cycle: Combined Cycle Plants
Renewable Energy: Geothermal Power
Aftermarket: Blades
Aftermarket: Blades - Compressors
Aftermarket: Blades - Turbines
Aftermarket: Maintenance - Steam Turbine Specialist
Aftermarket: Parts - Manufacturers
Aftermarket: Repair - Blades
Aftermarket: Repair - Rotors
Aftermarket: Repair & Overhaul
Aftermarket: Upgrades
Auxiliary Equipment: Fasteners (Studs, Nuts, Bolts, etc.)
Auxiliary Equipment: Gearboxes
Auxiliary Equipment: Packing Rings
Auxiliary Equipment: Seals
Auxiliary Equipment: Valves
Energy Resources: Power Plants
Energy Resources: Power Plants - Biomass
Energy Resources: Power Plants - Steam
Manufacturing: Castings
Manufacturing: Grinding
Manufacturing: Manufacturers
Manufacturing: Welding

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