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Freudenberg Filtration Technologies L.P.

With over 60 years of industrial air and liquid filtration experience, we have particular expertise in the field of gas turbines and large turbo compressors. Our solutions focus on intake air fouling prevention and particulate and moisture removal. We additionally offer a complete design, development and installation program for modifying or retrofitting air filtration systems and intake housings. Want to understand your optimal filtration solutions? The electronic Freudenberg Filter Efficiency Calculator, or e.FFECT, takes into account factors such as local ambient conditions and specific plant requirements in order to determine the best filter solutions by digital algorithm. As a Global organization with offices in over 60 countries, including a technical staff in the US, Canada and Mexico, we offer relevant expertise catered to your local service needs and requirements.

Company Information
Address 2975 Pembroke Rd.
Hopkinsville, KY
42240 USA
Telephone (Toll Free) 800-542-2804
Contact Title Tamica Martin, MarCom
Contact EMail
Categories Auxiliary Equipment: Air Filters
Auxiliary Equipment: Intake Filters
Auxiliary Equipment: Silencers
Auxiliary Equipment: Turbine Cooling - Inlet Cooling

Additional Offices
Freudenberg Filtration Technologies Inc.
649 Wilton Grove Rd.
London ON N6N 1N7 Canada


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