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G+H Schallschutz GmbH

Bringing noise under control – Know-how for industry and technology G+H Noise Control has all the know-how you need when it comes to taming noisy environments, dampening vibrations, or creating settings where you could hear a pin drop. Our solutions are the result of over half a century of research, development and project experience. As a leading company in the field of technical acoustics, we are active throughout the world – wherever our customers need to protect against noise and vibrations. Our services: Consulting & development, Calculation & design, Project management, Supply & installation, Maintenance

Company Information
Address Janderstr. 3
68199 Germany
Telephone +49621502515
Fax +49621502330
Contact Title Peter Schubert, BU Manager
Contact EMail [email protected]
Categories Gas Turbines: Gas Turbines - Power Generation
Auxiliary Equipment: Acoustic Enclosures
Auxiliary Equipment: Air Filters
Auxiliary Equipment: Exhaust Systems
Auxiliary Equipment: Filters
Auxiliary Equipment: Gas Turbine Exhaust Systems
Auxiliary Equipment: Intake Filters

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