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Apex Turbine Testing Technologies

Complete turbine testing solutions - Sensor Allocation Products for mesh-free FEA post-analysis for optimum sensor placement, measurement evaluation, and high cycle fatigue assessments. Data acquisition products for low and high speed data recording, real-time signal processing, limit monitoring, and online monitoring including Campbell diagrams. Integrated data acquisition solutions with National Instruments, Dewetron, VTI, Concurrent-RT, Precision Filters and TEAC hardware. APIs provide flexibility and extensibility. Offline signal processing products for time, frequency, and order domain processing, multi-file analysis and trending, and big data filtering in an easy to use environment. Support for a variety of input file formats. Consulting and training.

Company Information
Address 1039 Parkway Dr.
Spring Hill, TN
37174 USA
Telephone 931-486-0081
Contact Title Amanda Farmer, Director of Operations
Contact EMail
Categories Analysis & Software: Finite Elements Analysis
Analysis & Software: Software & Engineering Programs
Analysis & Software: Stress Analysis
Analysis & Software: Testing
Analysis & Software: Testing - Telemetry
Analysis & Software: Turbine Blade Stress Analysis
Analysis & Software: Vibration Analysis
Instrumentation & Control: Data Loggers & Recorders
Instrumentation & Control: Instrumentation - Telemetry
Instrumentation & Control: Testing Equipment
Instrumentation & Control: Vibration Monitoring Equipment


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