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Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Compressor International (MCO-I)

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Compressor International (MCO-I) is the leading manufacturer of centrifugal compressors and mechanical drive steam turbines. At our 180,000 ft² facility located just outside of Houston, Texas, we provide new unit sales, packaging, service, repair, and storage solutions, backed by local engineering, and operations experts.

Company Information
Address 14888 Kirby Dr.
Houston, TX
77047 USA
Telephone 832-710-4700
Fax 832-710-4600
Contact Title MCO-I Sales
Contact EMail [email protected]
Categories Steam Turbines: Steam Turbines
Steam Turbines: Steam Turbines - Mechanical
Steam Turbines: Steam Turbines - Mechanical, Process
Steam Turbines: Steam Turbines - Packagers
Steam Turbines: Steam Turbines - Refurbished
Compressors & Expanders: Compressors
Compressors & Expanders: Compressors - Centrifugal
Aftermarket: Accessories
Aftermarket: Alignment
Aftermarket: Analytical Laboratories
Aftermarket: Balancing Equipment
Aftermarket: Balancing Equipment - At- or High-Speed
Aftermarket: Balancing Equipment - Low-Speed
Aftermarket: Blades
Aftermarket: Blades - Compressors
Aftermarket: Blades - Diaphragm Nozzle
Aftermarket: Blades - Grinding
Aftermarket: Blades - Testing
Aftermarket: Blades - Turbines
Aftermarket: Borescopes
Aftermarket: Coatings
Aftermarket: Maintenance - General
Aftermarket: Maintenance - Steam Turbine Specialist
Aftermarket: Operations & Maintenance
Aftermarket: Operations & Maint. - Steam Turbines
Aftermarket: Parts - Manufacturers
Aftermarket: Parts - Steam Turbines
Aftermarket: Parts - Suppliers
Aftermarket: Repair - Bearings
Aftermarket: Repair - Blades
Aftermarket: Repair - Casings
Aftermarket: Repair - Couplings
Aftermarket: Repair - Gearboxes
Aftermarket: Repair - Rotors
Aftermarket: Repair & Overhaul
Aftermarket: Rerates
Aftermarket: Rings - Compressor Stator
Aftermarket: Sealing Products
Aftermarket: Shrouds - Turbine
Aftermarket: Skids
Aftermarket: Spin Testing Equipment
Aftermarket: Stud Removal
Aftermarket: Tools
Aftermarket: Tools for Alignment
Aftermarket: Total Plant Service
Aftermarket: Tubes
Aftermarket: Turbine Maintenance Tools
Aftermarket: Upgrades
Aftermarket: Vanes - Stators
Analysis & Software: Design & Analysis
Analysis & Software: Failure Analysis
Analysis & Software: Finite Elements Analysis
Analysis & Software: Stress Analysis
Analysis & Software: Turbine Blade Stress Analysis
Analysis & Software: Vibration Analysis
Auxiliary Equipment: Couplings
Auxiliary Equipment: Discs
Auxiliary Equipment: Fasteners (Studs, Nuts, Bolts, etc.)
Auxiliary Equipment: Gearboxes
Auxiliary Equipment: Gears
Auxiliary Equipment: Lubrication Systems
Auxiliary Equipment: Lubrication Systems - Coolers
Auxiliary Equipment: Lubrication Systems - Filters
Auxiliary Equipment: Lubrication Systems - Pumps
Auxiliary Equipment: Pipes
Auxiliary Equipment: Seals
Auxiliary Equipment: Seals - Gas
Auxiliary Equipment: Seals - Mechanical
Auxiliary Equipment: Seals - Oil
Auxiliary Equipment: Shims
Auxiliary Equipment: Silencers
Auxiliary Equipment: Skids
Auxiliary Equipment: Turbine Cooling - Chilling Systems
Auxiliary Equipment: Turbine Cooling - Fogging
Auxiliary Equipment: Valves
Instrumentation & Control: Control Systems & Governors
Instrumentation & Control: Control Systems - Optimization
Instrumentation & Control: Control Systems - Retrofit
Instrumentation & Control: Instrumentation & Controls
Instrumentation & Control: Turbine Control Systems
Manufacturing: Castings
Manufacturing: Fabricators
Manufacturing: Forgings
Manufacturing: Grinding
Manufacturing: Impellers
Manufacturing: Machine Tools
Manufacturing: Machining
Manufacturing: Milling
Manufacturing: Welding
Services: Asset Management Services
Services: Consulting Services
Services: Dimensional Inspection & Re-engineering
Services: Engineering Services
Services: Equipment - Leasing
Services: Field Service
Services: Grouting

Additional Offices
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Compressor Corporation
4-6-22, Kan-on-shin-machi
Nishi-ku Hiroshima 733-8553 Japan
81-82-294-0345 (fax)


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