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Siemens Gas and Power

Siemens Gas and Power (GP) is a global pacesetter in energy, helping customers to meet the evolving demands of today’s industries and societies. GP comprises broad competencies across the entire energy value chain and offers a uniquely comprehensive portfolio for utilities, independent power producers, transmission system operators and the oil and gas industry. Products, solutions and services address the extraction, processing and the transport of oil and gas as well as power generation in central and distributed thermal power plants and power transmission in grids. With global headquarters in Houston in the U.S. and more than 64,000 employees in over 80 countries, Siemens Gas and Power has a presence across the globe and is a leading innovator for the energy systems of today and tomorrow, as it has been for more than 150 years.

Company Information
Address Siemens Energy Inc.
15375 Memorial Drive
Houston, TX
77079 USA
Telephone +49 (0) 180 524 70 00
Telephone (Toll Free) +49 (0) 180 524 70 00
Fax +49 (0) 180 524 24 71
Contact Title Customer Support Center,
Contact EMail [email protected]
Categories Gas Turbines: Gas Turbines
Gas Turbines: Gas Turbines - Mechanical Drive
Gas Turbines: Gas Turbines - Power Generation
Steam Turbines: Steam Turbines
Cogeneration & Combined Cycle: Combined Cycle Plants
Cogeneration & Combined Cycle: HRSG
Compressors & Expanders: Compressors
Compressors & Expanders: Compressors - Centrifugal
Compressors & Expanders: Compressors - Reciprocating
Compressors & Expanders: Expanders
Aftermarket: Blades
Aftermarket: Maintenance - Compressor Specialist
Aftermarket: Maintenance - General
Aftermarket: Parts - Gas Turbines
Aftermarket: Repair - Blades
Aftermarket: Upgrades
Boilers - Suppliers: Boilers
Electric Equipment: Generators & Alternators
Electric Equipment: Variable Frequency Drives
Energy Resources: Combined Heat & Power Plant (CHP)
Energy Resources: Power Plants
Instrumentation & Control: Instrumentation & Controls
Instrumentation & Control: Remote Monitoring & Diagnostics
Services: Field Service
Manufacturing: 3D Printing

Additional Offices
Siemens AG
Gas and Power
[email protected]
Freyeslebenstraße 1
Erlangen 91058 Germany
+49 180 524 70 00
+49 180 524 70 00
+49 (0) 180 524 24 71 (fax)


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